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ONE TIME OFFER - ONLY $19.99: Grab my negotiating secrets guide, full of tips for common scenarios where you can ask for more: including money, responsibility, flexibility and more. You’ll crush your next negotiation while keeping your reputation as a team player. Master the art of negotiation and stop settling for less-than-great today!

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The Confident Communicator Action Plan

This Confident Communication Action Plan gives you the right comebacks to use in moments that matter, improve your confidence to feel valuable, and accomplish big things in your life so you can make your full impact authentically as a leader.


🔥The Confident Communicator Videos Series and Handbook 

This Ebook and video series will teach the scripted comebacks and "phrases" to use in the moments that matter! Improve your confidence, feel more valuable, and accomplish big things in your life. Create your full impact authentically as a leader! Time to own your power- you can get started today with our conversation blueprints. 

Always know exactly how to rebalance power and decipher the communication "rules of the game". 

Stop feeling like you're playing with a blindfold on.

Speak like an authority...because you are one!


🔥Communicating Confidently With Your Body Language 

Masterclass video training (15 minutes) to teach you how to project confidence and credibility with your body language. 


🔥24 Quick Phrases 

This Tip Sheet will teach you the empowering phrases that will help you demonstrate more authority and influence.

BONUS 🔥Hot Buttons Navigator Video & Guide 

This video demo will walk you through reflection exercises to help you develop a plan for your most triggered interactions. The accompanying "Hot Buttons Navigator Guide" will be great to keep handy for the moments that matter.